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Virtual Breathwork Sampler

Research reflects that practicing mindfulness and mindful breathing exercises can lead to better mental health and alleviate stress while generating positive emotions and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 


When we slow our breathing down and take slow, deep breaths, we activate nerves in the body that encourage the body to enter states of rest and digestion.

If you’re feeling stressed, the easiest way to begin to calm down is simply changing your inhale-to-exhale ratio. 

There are many, many different styles of breathwork. There are even apps and youtube stations dedicated to guided breathwork instruction. Check out our 'Intro: Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation' page for a few additional breathwork resources and read on to review the sampling of various styles of breathwork and videos linked below.

Controlled Breathing

Controlled Breathing is a process which involves disrupting the body’s natural breathing pattern. This  ancient practice can sooth your body and reduce stress.

Consider trying out a few styles of controlled breathing below:

At the end of my practice I offer, may y

Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama is a yogic practice in which practitioners control the breath to yield various results dependent on the style of breath utilized. There are many styles and examples of prana yama that can be used to energize, sooth, calm, or strengthen. Types of breathwork that fall under this umbrella include Lion’s Breath, in which a person produces an audible pant sound and alternate nostril breathing, which involves closing off one nostril at a time and inhaling deeply.

Consider trying out a few styles of select pranayama breathwork styles below:


Holotropic® Breathwork

Holotropic® breathwork was developed by psychologists Stanislov and Cristina Grof in the 1960sThe Grof's developed the technique while attempting to recreate the effects of LSD through natural means. The process involves accelerated, deep breathing through the nose and mouth. In this fashion, the amount of oxygen in the brain is reduced paradoxically resulting in, what is described to be higher states of consciousness. The process is meant to be deeply healing. 

Because Holotropic® breathwork is a registered technique, free videos are not easily accessible to share. 

You can learn a little more about the process by reviewing the videos linked HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Please consider reviewing these Holotropic® breathwork alternatives that are also known to evoke altered states below: 

Adult woman meditating in savasana pose on bamboo yoga mat after working out at home and d

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Controlled Breathing is a process which involves disrupting the body’s natural breathing pattern. This  ancient practice can sooth your body and reduce stress.

Consider trying out a few styles of diaphragmatic breathing below:​

Paper Windmill_edited_edited.jpg

Circular Breathing

Circular breathing is popular with singers and wind instrument musicians. It can be utilized as a tool for meditation in that it may assist a practitioner to let go of stress and negative energy. When a participant engages in a continuous flow of circular breathing this, can invoke altered states. This is sometimes called 'continuous' or 'connected' breathing.

Consider trying out a few styles of circular breathing below:

Blow Out_edited.jpg

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing breathwork was the discovered by Leonard D. Orr. This consciously guided process assists people to revisit repressed emotions to reprocess them in the hopes of promoting healing and recovery from trauma. Rebirthing generally starts with quick and shallow breaths, without breaks, and can last for up to two hours. The proces is sometimes referred to as tantric rebirthing breathwork. It can produce altered states. In some cases, breathwork practitioners may even choose to submerge participants in water during the breathwork session. Rebirthing breathwork can induce altered states.


Check out the brief video linked HERE to learn a little more about Rebirthing breathwork.

Consider trying out a few of the guided rebirthing breathwork classes linked below:


**Remember to always contact your provider prior to trialing any new therapy or treatment. Some of the techniques below may not be appropriate for all persons.

**If you find any of the our compiled resources useful in your healing, please be sure to thank, link, and subscribe to the channels and content creators whose original content is linked through our platform. We are so thankful for the work these creators have committed to create these free public offerings for the benefit of others. 

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