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The Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science website describes ACT as:"Developed within a coherent theoretical and philosophical framework, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a unique empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment and behavior change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility means contacting the present moment fully as a conscious human being, and based on what the situation affords, changing or persisting in behavior in the service of chosen values. Based on Relational Frame Theory, ACT illuminates the ways that language entangles clients into futile attempts to wage war against their own inner lives. Through metaphor, paradox, and experiential exercises clients learn how to make healthy contact with thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical sensations that have been feared and avoided. Clients gain the skills to recontextualize and accept these private events, develop greater clarity about personal values, and commit to needed behavior change." To put it simply, ACT is a mindfulness based therapy that assists persons to take committed action towards their values utilizing metaphor, interventions, and mindfulness. It changed I THRIVE creator's life and is the basis of her underlying theorhetical structure as a mental health provider.

ACT Metaphors, Links, & Interventions We Love

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) incorporates the use of metaphor as a powerful tool to facilitate understanding and transformation. Metaphors in ACT serve as linguistic bridges, allowing individuals to connect with complex psychological concepts in a more relatable and accessible manner. Since ACT focuses on accepting difficult thoughts and feelings while committing to values-driven actions, metaphors help convey these abstract principles in concrete terms. Metaphors create vivid images that resonate emotionally, aiding individuals in grasping and internalizing the therapeutic concepts. By employing metaphors, ACT not only enhances comprehension but also engages the imagination, fostering a deeper, more personal connection to the therapeutic process and encouraging meaningful behavioral change.

Learn a little more about The Six Core Principals of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and try out a few of our favorite metaphors and guided ACT exercises below:

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**Please always remember to consult your provider prior to trialing any new therapy or treatment. Some techniques on this site may not be appropriate for all persons. 


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**Please always remember to consult your provider prior to trialing any new therapy or treatment.
Some techniques on this site may not be appropriate for all persons. 

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