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The Kintsukuroi Project


...Honoring Diki June Stewart Kummer...


Diki June Stewart Keysor Curtis Kummer (deceased) is the paternal grandmother of I THRIVE creator Heather Curtis MD and the mother of Jeffery Lynn Curtis and his three siblings.


Diki passed away in May 2005.

She was preceded in passing by her son Jeffery Lynn Curtis.

Jeff died by suicide in June 2002.

Diki loved her son Jeff, his wife Michelle, and their six children very deeply. She was a devout grandmother, a ceramic artist, and a true comedian whose rambunctious and riotous spirit is missed by all who knew her. 

Diki's love for art was transferred to her grand-daughter Heather, I THRIVE's creator, at a young age.

Diki's influence is felt strongly throughout this work.

I THRIVE created this page to honor Diki, her children, and to remember the life of her son Jeffery Lynn Curtis.


I THRIVE advocates for  Suicide Prevention, Support, and Awareness.

Check out the photos below to learn a little more about Diki, her family, her son Jeff, and her life with her family.

Mother and Grandmother

Diki June Stewart Kummer was born in 1942, the child of Claron Stewart and Neva Louise Quinn. 

In total, Diki was the mother of six children. Jeff was Diki's first child by her first husband. Jeff also has a biological sister who was adopted shortly after birth.

Diki later married a second husband, Keith Kummer, founder and original owner of AABCO Lock & Key (site now retired). Diki bore three more children with Keith. 
Raised in a family inclusive of complex abuse and as a survivor of domestic violence, Diki did her best to raise her children cognizant of both the light and dark aspects of humanity.

Diki did this best through the sharing of her bright smile, her legendary stories, and her mastery of humor.

Diki is remembered as the, and I quote, "wonderful, sexy, beautiful, adoring, and simply marvelous grandmother" of I THRIVE's creator Heather Curtis MD.

Her laugh, bright smile, and ridiculous antics are sorely missed by all those who remember her.


Traditional interior design
Paint Brushes

Artist and Creative

Diki was an artist and a creative. She enjoyed the arts of all varieties whether media, performative, trade, ceramic, cultural, collectable, or historical. 

Diki was a humorist and a creator. She enjoyed all aspects of creation and encouraged her children to strive for community, service, outreach, advocacy, and art in all forms. 

Diki came from a disadvantaged background and she championed causes in support of the arts and creativity throughout her lifetime. 

Diki was a talented ceramic artist.

She painted ceramics for her friends and family that are still used for home and holiday decor by her loved ones to present day.


I THRIVE's creator, Heather Curtis MD, remembers Diki for her humor, her encouragement, her participation in crafts, her love for her family, and her generous, comedic spirit.

Those that remember Diki will remember her for her dedication to family, her loyalty, her creative mind, and for her love of laughter.

Collector and Comedian

Diki was a connoisseur of crafts and ceramics, Native American arts and culture, and Depression era glass and collectables.

Her pink Depression era glass collection (pictured right) was gifted to I THRIVE's creator, Heather Curtis MD, at the age of fifteen and was later the inspiration for the design of the first floor of her home. 

Diki also collected Native American and natural stone jewelry and items that are still cherished by her children and grand-children.

Diki was known for her fun, funny, flirtatious, and hilarious attitude. She could make anything fun.

She opened her home and shared apartment to I THRIVE creator's parents and her 2 oldest siblings in the early years of I THRIVE creator's life. 
Diki is remembered for her wild antics, her rock candy collection (which was consumed from all Christmas decor each season by her loving granddaughters), the amazing make-over her grand-daughter's offered (and their subsequent decline into wailing tears when Diki declared that her new rock-star persona would result in a move to Hollywood), her big heart, and her loving and light take on life and living.

Diki depression glass.jpg
Mother and Baby on the Beach

In Remembrance

Diki learned on June 3, 2002 that her son, Jeffery Lynn Curtis, had completed suicide.

Jeff's death was a significant event in Diki's life that directed her focus inward as she grappled with integrating her grief for this loss alongside her love for Jeff, Michelle, and their six children.

I THRIVE remembers the life of Jeffery Lynn Curtis, honoring his wife Michelle Marie Curtis and his mother Diki June Stewart Kummer as we commit to sex assault survivor support and domestic violence survivor support and as we commit our focus to Suicide Prevention, Support, and Awareness

in 2024.

If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, domestic or sexual abuse,  remember that

You Are Never Alone.

Consider presenting to your nearest emergency department or contacting emergency services at 911 or the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

Don't forget to also check out our Crisis Line and Suicide Prevention, Support, Awareness resources under the 'Recovery' tab at the top of the page.

While you're there, consider checking out our domestic violence resources and our sex assault survivor resources if you or someone you know is a victim of sexual or domestic violence and is in need of resources, information, or support.


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