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...Remembering Jeffery Lynn Curtis...



Jeff Curtis is the father of Heather Curtis MD, I THRIVE's creator, and her five siblings


Jeff completed suicide in June 2002, leaving behind his wife Michelle and their six children after falling into severe, complicated depression post an extended legal battle, financial collapse, and an exacerbation of his wife Michelle's chronic medical illness.

Watching her father fall into depression and his eventual, resultant suicide remains a canon event in the development of I THRIVE creator's life, work, and project.

I THRIVE supports Suicide Prevention, Support, and Awareness.

Check out the captions below to learn a little more about Jeff, his life, and his commitment to his family.

Brother and Son

Jeff was born in 1958, the son of Diki June Stewart Keysor Curtis Kummer.

Jeff was born the oldest of five children.

He grew up raising show and Birmingham roller pigeons, eventually serving as president of the American Roller Club as an adult and befriending fellow roller pigeon enthusiasts including his pal 'Tommy Monson.'

Growing up in Utah, Jeff was known for looking out for his brother and sisters (Scott, Kim, Michelen), his locksmith services, his academic abilities, playing sports, and looking out for others in his community.

Jeff ran track and played football at Viewmont High School. He enjoyed coaching little league football with his best friend Martin Page. Jeff also loved dancing and spent weekends in California disco dancing on American Bandstand with his friends and his 'buddy Dick Clark.' He loved life, was an active athlete, and an advocate for his community.

He accumulated some scars from his active lifestyle and his escapades which he told his children he had obtained during his battles as 'The Last Star Fighter.'

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Coach, Locksmith and Tradesman

Jeff worked as a locksmith for AABCO Lock & Key for most of his adult life. He established AABCO Window & Door and created Burglar Buster's alarm company in 1985, eventually acquiring AABCO Lock & Key.

Jeff spent his days at the key shop, installing alarm systems, completing window and door installations for local residents and businesses, and running service calls for person's locked out of their homes and vehicles or in need of lock and key repairs.

Jeff was known to 'accidentally' lose the bill for service calls he delivered to families that were of need, tearing them up as soon as he got to his work truck. His kids loved to join him at work and learned to cut and create keys and to serve their communities early in their childhoods. 

Though the red of the prohibition ban on the Burglar Busters alarm sticker at left has faded, Utah locals can still spot Jeff's signature 'Burglar Busters' alarm & criminal prohibition sticker on a few local businesses who remember the legacy of the life of I THRIVE creator's father, Jeffery Lynn Curtis.

Husband and Father

Jeff married the love of his life, Michelle Marie Brown, in 1985 and together they bore and raised six children. 

Raised in a home inclusive of substance abuse and domestic violence, Jeff was determined to give his six children a life beyond that which he had experienced.

Jeff worked hard for his community serving as a provider for his family, as a Scout master, and as an active, loyal, and loving father and husband.

Jeff was deeply proud of his six kids and his friends still comment that Jeff shared his pride for his children's successes in service, sports, and school whenever they got together.

Jeff had awesome rock and penny collections. He was an expert hunter and enjoyed spending his spare time in the Utah mountains hunting mule deer in bow, rifle, and muzzleloader season.

His adult children share many happy memories scouting mountains and exploring the Utah and Idaho outdoors on hunting and road trips with their father.

Deer in Winter
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In Remembrance

By 2000 Jeff had taken over as owner of AABCO Lock & Key in addition to his pre-existing businesses AABCO Window & Door and Burglar Buster's alarm company. He had recently sold his land and property after an exhaustive case with the Utah Department of Transportation.

After an exacerbation of Jeff's wife's chronic medical illness, Jeff struggled to balance the demands to provide for his family and to finance the home he was building.

Jeff fell into despair when he had to back out of the home that he was building with a local contractor.

Despite his pleas to prevent his ruin and to provide for his family, this builder refused to return Jeff's life savings and investments or to compensate him for the labor and supplies that Jeff had invested in the home.

As a small business owner in Utah, Jeff was unable to afford health insurance, to provide care for himself, or to provide resources for his family.

Struggling to balance providing a home for his six children and his severely ill wife, Jeff developed severe major depressive disorder the last years of his life.

In his disabled state, without insurance, and unable to work, Jeff was without hope for recovery. Jeff came to view himself a burden and in his depression, disabled state, and distorted view, he grew to believe that his life insurance policy, which covered suicide, would be the only way to ensure a future for his family.

Jeff completed suicide on June 3, 2002 after a battle with severe and complicated depression and failed efforts to right his business and investments post exacerbation of his wife's medical illness.

Prior to his passing Jeff wanted his family to know of his love for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, his wife, and his six children.

This tragedy and his daughter's promise to become a physician remain an influential part of this work and I THRIVE's commitment to serve survivors of sexual violence, illness, and trauma in Utah and beyond. 

We remember Jeff as we commit our efforts and attention to Suicide Prevention, Support, and Awareness in 2024.

This website makes no effort to support or advocate for any specific dogma, spiritual path, orientation, political or social agenda. We are not a source for legal advice.

The information shared on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals and physicians. If users have any personal questions regarding health, psychiatric, or psychological concerns, they are encouraged to contact a qualified health care provider for advice. All personal questions of the aforementioned nature posed to I THRIVE will be deferred.

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