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The Awareness Wheel

...Gaining Insight & Communicating Clearly...

I THRIVE's creator first learned of The Awareness Wheel exercise by Kris King, 36 year life coach and former owner of Wing Seminars, now The Learning Well as hosted by La Clinica 501c3 medical center in Medford, Oregon. The intervention is based on cognitive behavioral techniques.


The version of the Awareness Wheel shared here is slightly different and less detailed than that shared with I THRIVE's creator by Wings Seminars, however it is a great resource and we highly recommend the intervention for both self-dialogue (insight oriented) and as an interpersonal communication tool.

Read on below to give The Awareness Wheel intervention a try through the link below:

Flowers and Citrus

The Awareness Wheel Intervention

We recommend trialing both an individual insight-oriented wheel as well as an interpersonal communication wheel to gain a better grasp of the skill. This process is detailed below.

Click the following link to give this intervention a try: The Awareness Wheel Intervention 


  • An individual insight-oriented Awareness Wheel would focus on a troublesome inner thought related to a personal issue or problem.

    • With the issue in your mind, fill out the domains of the wheel and observe what insights and awarenesses you generate.

  • An interpersonal Awareness Wheel would focus on an issue you're having with another person or a question or proposition you'd like to present to another person.

    • With the person and your issue, question, or proposition in your mind, fill out the domains of the wheel and observe what insights and awarenesses you generate.

Once you become skillful with the Awareness Wheel you can use the skill live in conversation as an issue arises or quietly in your mind when difficult thoughts emerge on a challenging day. The Awarenesses you can gain from this simple skill can change your life for the better. 

**Please always remember to consult your provider prior to trialing any new therapy, skill, intervention, or treatment. Some techniques on this site may not be appropriate for all persons. 

Flowers and Shadows

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