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"Don't you know yet?

It is your light that lights the world."


Recovery from mental and physical illness or a traumatic experience is often a winding road through time. We hope that some of the resources under our 'Recovery' tab at the top of the page may prove useful to you in your recovery journey.

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Serving Survivors of Sexual Violence, Mental Illness, & Trauma...

Dedicated to Truth, Peace, Inclusion, and the Healing of a Traumatized World. 

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This website makes no effort to support or advocate for any specific dogma, spiritual path, orientation, political or social agenda. We are not a source for legal advice.

The information shared on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals and physicians. If users have any personal questions regarding health, psychiatric, or psychological concerns, they are encouraged to contact a qualified health care provider for advice. All personal questions of the aforementioned nature posed to I THRIVE will be deferred.

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