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Through the Years

Take a look below to review our progress, projects, and service from conception to creation.


Where it started...

  • I THRIVE was originally inspired in 2014 after creator Heather Curtis MD witnessed the difficulties that survivors of trauma often experience being believed and appropriately supported throughout the police reporting process.

  • In 2016 SLCPD victim's advocate director Wendy Isom told I THRIVE's creator that it would be grassroots efforts that would change rape litigation in the United States. I THRIVE answered the call. 

  • I THRIVE's creator worked with various contributors, collaborators and inspirations over the course of her 4 year medical residency in psychiatry to develop the skills and platform necessary to launch this website project aimed at providing free resources for healing to survivors of sexual violence and trauma.

  •  In 2019, I THRIVE launched its 501c3 nonprofit platform as featured on ABC4 News Utah in April of that year to advertise our services and Kintsukuroi photo project. 

  • Throughout Feb 2019 - April 2024 I THRIVE functioned as a 501c3 nonprofit organization offering various services, donated goods, therapeutic healing and personal development scholarships, and advocacy to survivors of sexual violence and trauma in Utah and beyond. We will continue as an independent resource portfolio and philanthropic effort. This work has been as fulfilling as it has been challenging while I THRIVE worked to build our name in the humanitarian sector and to support survivors of trauma during unprecedented stressors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Kintsukuroi photo project was postponed and eventually retired in fall 2021 to focus on the more immediate demands and needs of survivors in the Utah, national, and global community who I THRIVE aimed to serve during the pandemic.

  • I THRIVE began more seriously investigating psychedelic assisted therapy and the psychedelic sciences in 2020. She sought to extend resources for survivors to include information regarding these prospective modes of healing as effective treatments for PTSD and associated trauma based syndromes.

  • Beginning in 2022, I THRIVE more directly transitioned its area of focus to protecting survivors of sexual violence and trauma within the evolving psychedelic sciences. I THRIVE has worked continuously with local licensing, investigative, and governmental bodies as well as various ethics organizations to ensure the safety of patients in Utah since summer 2022 and ongoing.

  • ​Throughout summer 2023 I THRIVE continued to work with our local regulatory bodies and DOPL to support the safety of survivors of trauma within the psychedelic sciences and the Utah mental heath community. 

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Where it's been...

  • ​I THRIVE creator Heather Curtis MD will continue this website as a primary advocacy platform, free healing resource, and independent service effort ongoing while we explore this next era in our progression as an organization, a professional, and an individual. 

  • After serving as a 501c3 nonprofit organization Feb 2019 - April 2024, we have now retired our nonprofit leg and continue as an independent advocacy portfolio and philanthropic effort providing free resources and information for survivors of trauma.

  • Heather intends to complete her Integrative Psychiatry Career Mentorship Program by fall 2024.

  • Heather looks forward to the prospect of travel and education during this break from active work and I THRIVE services. She is presently considering employment opportunities and enjoying her spare time working on her home, studying, building our online platform, spending time with family, and planning her travel and appointment calendar.

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Where its going...

  • I THRIVE will continue to provide free information and resources for healing through this platform.

  • I THRIVE's creator will continue to serve her community through her work as a psychiatrist.

  • I THRIVE will consider various future services per our ongoing discretion and evaluations of needs and services. 

  • We will focus on Suicide Prevention, Support, and Awareness in 2024 and community outreach and art therapy events in 2024.

  • I THRIVE looks forward to initiating our yearly 'Art series' summer 2024 and continuing our yearly 'Giving Series' this winter.

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The Kintsukuroi Project

Dedicated to Truth, Peace, Inclusion, and the Healing of a Traumatized World. 


This website makes no effort to support or advocate for any specific dogma, spiritual path, orientation, political or social agenda. We are not a source for legal advice.

The information shared on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals and physicians. If users have any personal questions regarding health, psychiatric, or psychological concerns, they are encouraged to contact a qualified health care provider for advice. All personal questions of the aforementioned nature posed to I THRIVE will be deferred.

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