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Yearly Art & Giving Series


Check out a few of our up and coming projects below. 

Have an idea for a survivor art therapy community project and/or a wish to host a local event? Contact us at

Kintsugi beige tea ceremony chawan. Gold cracks restoration on old Japanese pottery restor
Woman Scrapbooking

Yearly Art Series

  • In the past we've supported narrative expression as a mode for healing through our 2019 digital media campaign.

  • We later aimed to embody photography as a mode of expression and therapy through out 2021 photo campaign.

  • Throughout 2021-2023 we studied performative art and studied, witnessed, and participated in peaceful protest seeking community assistance to support survivors.

  • This year 2024, we are continuing our community Kintsukuroi Project Yearly Art series in combination with out winter giving series. 

    • Details coming winter 2024! Stay tuned for more :).

White Flower

Serving Survivors of Sexual Violence, Mental Illness, & Trauma...

Dedicated to Truth, Peace, Inclusion, and the Healing of a Traumatized World. 

Yearly Giving Series

We are giving a special focus on art therapy and its therapeutic value this year. 

  • We plan to incorporate art into our yearly winter giving series this year. 

  • Stay tuned for something special! 

Volunteer Group
Blooming Flowers

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