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Mission & Vision

The mission of I THRIVE is to breakdown the social barriers and stigma associated with survivorship of sexual violence, illness, and trauma to inspire post-traumatic growth and resilience, and to provide a virtual platform for survivors to support one another in living a vital and meaningful life.


The vision of I THRIVE is to emphasize the beauty, strength and humanity of survivors at all points of recovery. 

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Challenge Stigma

The responsibility for sexual violence, assault, and abuse lies solely with the perpetrators of such acts. Despite this truth, survivors of sexual violence and trauma around the globe are plagued by the shame and stigma associated with survivorship. The causes of this shame are many. They are often rooted in well-meaning cultures that fail to adequately address the issue in light of the sensitive nature of the topic and sexual taboo and stigmas associated with mental health and recovery.

Similarly, those suffering with various mental or medical conditions, disabilities, or other kinds of trauma, or special populations may also face stigmatization in society aimed to exclude, harm, or disrespect. I THRIVE provides information and resources serving multiple populations in our effort to create a culture of peace, acceptance, and mutual respect.

I THRIVE addresses these challenges through advocacy, outreach, art therapy and performative art, digital interventions, as well as virtual and community campaigns aimed to break down the stigma associated with sexual violence, illness, and trauma. In this way we encourage survivors to reclaim their personal narratives and provide survivors with a platform for self-exploration within the context exploration of their own healing and aimed to promote wellbeing and highlight our shared humanity. Through these various mediums, we aim to dismantle the barriers created by shame and stigma, fostering a healing community where survivors can grow, integrate their experiences, find hope, and collectively remember our interconnectedness as one human family.

Post-Traumatic Growth & Resilience

In positive psychology, post-traumatic growth denotes the phenomena of a survivor of adversity developing greater levels of awareness that otherwise may have remained untapped had it not been for the result of the survivorship of the trauma, illness, or experience.  

At I THRIVE, we highlight and inspire post-traumatic growth through our integrative recovery offerings, helpful links, and history of service. We additionally accomplish this through our transformative social justice, art, outreach, and advocacy efforts with The Kintsukuroi Project. as well as our community collaborations. Our organization invites individuals who have endured trauma and illness to explore their collective voices and to identify and demonstrate a life committed to their values. By doing so, we encourage our community members to escape the confines of their story and the label of ‘survivor’ and to assist them to reclaim a narrative emphasizing survivor beauty, strength, and unique humanity.

Visitors to I THRIVE and the Kintsukuroi Project are invited on a journey where recovery takes on additional layers of significance. By reclaiming their narratives, survivors not only contribute to their own well-being, they also become examples and inspiration for fellow survivors and the broader world. This collective reclaiming of personal narrative fosters a sense of purpose and human interconnectedness, enriching the recovery experience for individuals and resonating with a broader impact.

New Growth

Live a Vital Life

I THRIVE and The Kintsukuroi Project are rooted in the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based approach.


ACT suggests that by liberating ourselves from the stories and limitations we've placed upon ourselves, being present, and by choosing in each moment to take committed action toward our valued direction, we can transcend from mental suffering. Put simply, when we live a life in accordance with our values, we feel happy, whole, healthy, and clean. 

I THRIVE empowers survivors to break free from their past narratives, encouraging conscious and meaningful investment in their lives. We offer essential information on ACT, integrative therapies, holistic approaches, interventions, and organizations aimed to promote survivor healing, recovery, growth, and well-being. 

“You can choose to live a vital, committed human life, even inside your pain."

Steven Hayes PhD

Serving Survivors of Sexual Violence, Mental Illness, & Trauma...

Dedicated to Truth, Peace, Inclusion, and the Healing of a Traumatized World. 

Image by Annie Spratt

This website makes no effort to support or advocate for any specific dogma, spiritual path, orientation, political or social agenda. We are not a source for legal advice.

The information shared on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals and physicians. If users have any personal questions regarding health, psychiatric, or psychological concerns, they are encouraged to contact a qualified health care provider for advice. All personal questions of the aforementioned nature posed to I THRIVE will be deferred.

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