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Crime Reparations Funds are funds provided by the United States Federal Government for victims who suffer physical or psychological injury or death as a direct result of criminally injurious conduct.

Victims of physical or sexual assault and other violent crimes in the United States may be eligible to receive reparations for crime related expenses.  This may include family members and dependents of deceased victims or representatives acting on behalf of victims.

To qualify for Crime Reparations Funds, the crime must have been reported to police (as necessary to demonstrate valid need for covered services). Applications must be submitted to your state's Office for Victims of Crime. Most police departments work with victim's advocates who can assist survivors of violent crime to apply for reparations funds.

For survivors of crime in all other states, your state's crime reparation's fund program and application can be found through online search of your state's name along with the words "crime reparation's fund application" or by contacting your local police department and requesting to speak with a victim's advocate.

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