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...Neurodiversity Support Resources...

I THRIVE's creator dedicates this page to her younger sister who lives with autism spectrum disorder and cerebal palsy.

What Does it Mean to be Non-Neurotypical?,and%20other%20neurodiverse%20people%20have.

CDC Child Development Specific Conditions page

CDC Autism Spectrum Disorder page:


Autism Society:

Neurotypical Vs. ASD Interests on the Internet

Innovative Library Programs Enhancing the Lives of Autistic Individuals:

*the above resource was researched and recommended by Ms. Mindie of William Moore's homeschool class

What is Dysgraphia and How to Identify and Support

*the above resource was researched and recommended by Ms. Jamie of William Moore's homeschool class

Developmental Disability and Disability Rights Support - The Arc 501c3:

Developmental Disabilities Support Groups:

Parents of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Support Groups:

Family Caregiver Alliance- Traumatic Brain Injury Info Page:

Brainline Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD Community Support Resources:

Brain Injury Association of America - Virtual Support Groups:

Cerebal Palsy Guidance:


Suicide Crisis Line:

**Call 988


Emergency Services:

**Call 911


**Visit a global directory of crisis lines HERE.

**Visit a global directory of additional suicide crisis lines and resources HERE.

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