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Pornography Addiction Resources

Many persons in the United States who utilize pornography do not understand that the pornography is one of the largest financial contributors to the sex trafficking industry.

Pornographic sites are rarely properly monitored, and those that are still have evidence of under-age persons engaged in illicit sexual activity. There is no guarantee that the videos you are watching are consensual or that the images you are observing have been consensually shared.

Furthermore, pornography often depicts dramatized and exaggerated sex acts or scenarios that general persons might more typically view as degrading or humiliating and sets unrealistic and unhealthy standards of sexuality to all members of society and perhaps most concernedly, for our developing youth.

The impacts of pornography on the human brain are similar to that caused by chemical addiction to substances as the images persons witness trigger release of dopamine and similar chemicals in the human brain. This can cause tolerance, such that persons engaged in pornography addiction begin to seek increasing novel and at times graphic, unhealthy depictions of sexuality that have genuine and far reaching impacts on society, relationships, and families, and that may cause derangements in mood and behavior in affected individuals that are atypical of their typical standard of function.

At I THRIVE we believe that addressing pornography addiction and associated comorbidities is an important part of the effort toward continuing to build healthy communities and attitudes toward women and sexuality.

If you or someone you know know is struggling from pornography addiction, there is hope. Check out some of the resources below and begin your path to recovery.

Porn Addiction - Help & Treatment

How to Identify and Treat a Pornography Addiction

Getting Help With Porn Addiction and Abuse

How Can You Help Someone With a Porn Addiction?:

Treatment for Porn Addition

Basic Sex/Pornography Addiction Support Group Resources:

Sexaholics Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Porn Anonymous

Porn Addicts Anonymous

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Sexual Recovery Anonymous

Sex and Porn Addicts Anonymous


Suicide Crisis Line:

**Call 988


Emergency Services:

**Call 911


**Visit a global directory of crisis lines HERE.

**Visit a global directory of additional suicide crisis lines and resources HERE.

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