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Romantic Gift


At I THRIVE & The Kintsukuroi Project, we believe that giving is receiving.

Check out the captions and photos below to learn a little more about our work and service supporting survivors of illness and trauma through the years. 

Gift Bow

Giving & Donations

Some of our favorite giving has been anonymous while other giving has been gifted direct to collaborating organizations for events, outreach, and goods serving survivors of sexual violence, illness, and trauma and disadvantaged populations in our communities.

Pile of Folded Knits

Blankets, Coats, Home Goods, & More...

We've given coats, decor, and lights from our past sponsors to help our healing survivors of trauma and illness feel supported and remember to shine. Our most common gifts have included essentials, especially blankets, as well as winter coats to provide comfort, care, and warmth to the survivors we reach.


Personal Development & Trainings

In addition to access to excellent, evidence based therapy, treatment, and cares, I THRIVE's creator, Heather Curtis MD, has had the gift of personal coaching and development that have assisted her to make her dreams a reality. At I THRIVE, we aim to pay this learning forward with offerings and scholarships for survivors to attend similar trainings in the past and intentions to keep extending our resource network here.

Yoga Stretch

Integrative Medicine & Whole Human Wellness

Healing can look and happen in many different ways. The status of a person's movement, nutrition, sleep, time outdoors, and social contact patterns all have measurable impacts on a person's general well-being. At I THRIVE we advocate for whole person wellness and Integrative Medicine techniques. We have been blessed to train and learn from some amazing teachers and we have paid these gifts forward in the form of yoga scholarships, trainings, and guided meditations which we have offered survivors of trauma in the various communities we've served.


Community Outreach, Digital Trainings, & Events...

We are getting creative and considering ways to expand access to our healing network. This may include digital trainings and events.


Looking to the future with online access to yoga, meditations, and more...

We continue to revise and add additional resources and information to this site. Check out our 'Recovery,' 'Offerings,' and 'Links,' and tab at the top of the page to see the resources that we've compiled!

Serving Survivors of Sexual Violence, Mental Illness, & Trauma...

Dedicated to Truth, Peace, Inclusion, and the Healing of a Traumatized World. 

Have an idea for a service project, outreach event, or a way to give?

Contact us via email at

Growing Plants

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