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...Honoring 'Papa' Earl, Don, & Luaina Brown...


"Papa" Earl Brown (pictured above with his son Don) is the great grandfather of I THRIVE's creator, Heather Rochelle Curtis MD, and the brother of Corporal Clyde Brown, first man shot down at Pearl Harbor.


Don and Luaina Brown are the maternal grandparents of I THRIVE's creator, Heather Rochelle Curtis MD.

Don is pictured with his father 'Papa' above, and Luaina is pictured with her ​daughter Michelle in the first photo posted below.

Don and Luaina became significant contributors to the lives of I THRIVE's creator and her five siblings after the passing of their father Jeffery Lynn Curtis in June, 2002 to suicide.


Jeff completed suicide after a prolonged battle with depression post significant financial and social losses and after the exacerbation of his wife Michelle's chronic medical illness.

Losing Jeff and watching their daughter Michelle struggle with the loss of her husband and her children struggle with the loss of their father, has been one of the great trials of Don and Luaina Brown's lives.

They have done what they can to serve as parents and grandparents to I THRIVE's creator and her siblings and they want other families dealing with mental illness, depression, domestic violence, and suicide to know that 

You are Never Alone.

Don, Luaina, and I THRIVE support

Suicide Prevention, Support, Awareness

as well as survivors of sexual violence, mental llness, and trauma

in 2024.

Check out the captions below to learn a little more about Don and Luaina, their lives together, and their commitment to their community.

Family Portrait

Grandparents, Mother, & Father

Don and Luaina married as highschool sweethearts at the ages of 16 and 17. Raised in rural Idaho, Don grew up assisting his father on their farm and Luaina grew up assising her mother in housekeeping tasks. 

Together Don and Luaina bore and raised eight children. Several of their boys went on to serve LDS missions, and to pursue careers as tradesman, or educations in business, banking, and computer science and their girls each went on to become caretakers or to raise families full of bright sons and daughters that have gone on to serve their communities and their family.

Don and Luaina raised their children in Bountiful, Utah where they lived for forty years prior to their eventual retirement and return to their roots in rural Idaho in 2000. 

Grandma and mom Sunday_edited.jpg
Farmer with Organic Eggs

Life on the Farm

Don and Luaina Brown built their retirement home in rural Idaho on the land that had been purchased and cleared by Don's father, 'Papa' Earl Brown (pictured above, top center). 'Papa' was the brother of Corporal Clyde Brown, first man shot down at Pearl Harbor.

After their son-in-law Jeffery Lynn Curtis completed suicide in 2002, Don and Luaina did what they could to contribute to the live's of Jeff's six children and to assist with their daughter Michelle's, chronic, relapsing medical condition. 

Don and Luaina played significant roles in the raising of Jeff's three youngest children and have played significant mentoring and parental roles in the lives of Jeff's three oldest children, including I THRIVE creator, Heather Rochelle Curtis MD.

Fun, Fishing, & Federal Aviation

Don is a master fly fisherman. For decades he has tied his own flies. He has enjoyed his fishing trips with his father 'Papa' (rest in peace) and sons both locally on the farm, to the Grey's River, and beyond including to the rivers of South America.

Luaina is an expert homemaker and cook. She is known throughout her family for her listening ear and she serves as the support and counselor of many of her children and grandchildren who she spends her time doting over and caring for.

In alignment with his family history of hardworking community members and airmen, Don served his community as a dedicated employee of the Federal Aviation Administration working on the machines and equipment used to guide planes to safety for 45 years.

He and Luaina served their communities as loving parents of their eight children and their many, many grandchildren prior to their eventual retirement in rural Idaho where they were born and raised and where they continue to serve their big, loving, family. 

Today you will find Don enjoying his time on the farm, keeping up with friends, practicing his Morse code, and fishing with his boys. You will undoubtedly find Luaina tidying the house, on the phone with one of her children or grandchildren, or in the process of whipping up a meal for her family.

Rock Balancing

In Remembrance

Don and Luaina learned on June 3, 2002 that their son-in-law, Jeffery Lynn Curtis, had completed suicide.
Jeff's death was a significant event in Don and Luaina's lives and they dedicated significant time and effort to contribute to the raising of Jeff's six children post his death. 

Don, Luaina, and I THRIVE honor their daughter Michelle and remember their son-in law Jeffery Lynn Curtis as we commit to mental health awareness, sex assault survivor support, and domestic violence support.

We remember Jeff as we direct our efforts and attention to

Suicide Prevention, Support, and Awareness in 2024.

If you or someone you know are experiencing thoughts of suicide, remember that

You Are Never Alone.

Consider presenting to your nearest emergency department or contacting emergency services at 911 or

the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

Consider checking out our Crisis Line and Suicide Prevention, Support, Awareness resources under the 'Recovery' tab or our various support resources under the 'Offerings' tabs at the top of the page.


You Are Never Alone.

Blooming Flowers

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