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Virtual Sound Healing Sampler

Sound healing is a holistic practice that creates a space for participants to sink gently into deep states of meditation typically utilizing singing bowls to create calming, therapeutic soundscapes. The practice may also be referred to as a "sound bath" or "gong bath." During a sound healing session, you’ll most likely lie on a meditation or yoga mat. The idea is to simply listen to the sounds as the practitioner 'bathes' you in their vibrations. The practitioner will use different vibrations to heal the mind and spirit all while gently guiding participants' bodies to a state of balance.


The principals that sound healing are based on include the idea that our emotions vibrate at different levels, and that unexpressed emotions are the main source of dysfunction and dis-ease in the body. Our bodies are largely made up of water which is a great conductor for vibrations. Sound healers use instruments such as Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, tuning forks, vocals, glasses and more to create sound and vibrations for their healings. Sound healing is a pleasant, meditative, and relaxing experience. While this intervention is less rigorously researched than some of the others listed on our site, we think that this is a calming style of meditation tha is at least worth giving a try.

You might surprise yourself :).

Check out this intro video on the science behind sound healing HERE and this newscast segment on Sound Healing to learn a little more on the topic HERE.


Now you're ready to move on to our Sound Healing Sampler link list compiled below!

Singing bowl and other religious Tibetan musical instruments. Meditation and relax.The pow

...Virtual Sound Healing Sampler List...

Grab a mat and lay down. You might enjoy a pillow and blanket if you have them. Consider wearing eye shades. Choose a set and hit play. Enjoy!

Brief Sessions:

  1. Stress Relief with Tibetan Singing Bowl (10 Min) Part 1

  2. Singing Bowl Therapy for Stress and Anxiety | part 2 

  3. Vagus Nerve Reset to Sleep - Sound Bath Healing Meditation

  4. 528 Hz Singing bowl sound meditation with an antique Himalayan Mani bowl 33 minutes

  5. Mei-lan | Streaming Source Energy | Sound Healing

  6. Mei-lan - Eternal Soul ( with Ali Pervez Mehdi)

  7. Singing Bowl Meditation | Relaxation | Healing | stress relief

  8. Sound Bath Guided Meditation | Sound Healing & Deep Relaxation 😌 20 Min

  9. New Moon Meditation | 1 hour handpan music | Malte Marten

  10. Find Peace (1hr) - Healing Frequency - Heart And Third Eye Chakra Channeling

Extended Sessions:

  1.  Total Calm Sound Bath Performance || Relaxing Meditation Music | Singing Bowls Spa Music

  2. Calming Meditation | 1 hour handpan music | Malte Marten

  3. Energy Healing Sound Bath by Healing Vibrations

  4. Flute Meditation Music | Healing Music for Meditation and Inner Balance

  5. Interstellar Sound Bath - Frequencies From The Universe - Cat's Eye Nebula Vibrations

  6. Sun and Moon Meditation | 1 hour handpan & guitar music | Malte Marten & Luna Mando

  7.  432 Hz - 3 Hour Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Sound Bath

  8. Divine Frequencies Sound Bath | Divine Connection | Crystal Singing Bowls | Spiritual Transcendence

  9. Tranquil Rainforest Sound Bath

  10. Purity Sound Bath | Meditation Music for Cleansing the Mind & Spirit | Singing Bowls


    Spiritual Healing Sound Bath | Releasing Pain | Transformation | Awakening to Your True Self


**If you find any of the our compiled resources useful in your healing, please be sure to thank, link, and subscribe to the channels and content creators whose original content is linked through our platform. We are so thankful for the work these creators have committed to create these free public offerings for the benefit of others. 

**Remember to consult your provider prior to trialing any new therapy or treatment. Some techniques discussed above may not be appropriate for all persons.

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