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Contributors, Collaborators, Special Thanks


...Contributors, Collaborators, & Special Thanks...

Wendy Isom:

Wendy is the Salt Lake City Police Department Victim's Advocate Program Coordinator. Wendy served as victim advocate for I THRIVE's creator in 2015 - 2016 while she was worked to correct grievances with the SLCPD after first exposed in 2014 to the mishandling and inappropriate investigative processes that survivors of sexual trauma and violence often experience during their reporting and investigative process. It was Wendy who told I THRIVE that it would be grassroots efforts that would change sexual assault litigation in the United States. She is who originally inspired this work.


Kelly White JD & Doug White JD:

Kelly and Doug and are both Utah based attorneys who have offered I THRIVE's creator guidance and counsel early in the creation process of I THRIVE. Doug offered I THRIVE's creator support and counsel in spring 2014 when she was initially learning about the sex assault reporting process and the difficulties that survivors often face while navigating this experience and law enforcement. Kelly has offered I THRIVE support and guidance from the conception of I THRIVE to present day. He also completed the pro bono drafting of I THRIVE's Articles of Incorporation and associated legal documents during its functioning years as a 501c3 nonprofit Feb 2019 - Sept 2023.

Vijay Shankar PsyD:

Vijay is a Portland, OR based therapist and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) trainer who trained  in ACT directly under Steven Hayes PhD, creator of the therapy. Vijay has served as a guide, friend, and mentor for I THRIVE's creator since they met fall of 2015. His wisdom has carried I THRIVE through many difficult journeys and life events and his counsel has been instrumental in creating, modeling, and continuing the work of I THRIVE.

Alexandar Schafir MD and Jessica Mindlin JD:

Alex is a Portland, OR Internal Medicine physician and governor-elect of the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Physicians. Alex served as I THRIVE creator's assigned mentor during her internal medicine internship in 2014-2015. Alex connected I THRIVE with his partner Jessica Mindlin JD, award-winning lawyer, activist, advocate, and educator. At the time of I THRIVE Creator's internship, Jessie was serving as a probono victim's rights attorney at the Oregon Victim's Rights Law Center (VRLC). Jessie recommended a photo and trauma based narrative book as a resource to I THRIVE's creator. This gesture served as an inspiration for what would eventually evolve to become the Kintsukuroi Project and stood as a turning point for I THRIVE's creator in her transition from internal medicine to psychiatry as her chosen medical specialty.


Michael Fofrich:

Michael is the Portland, OR based website designer who originally conceptualized the idea of I THRIVE's photo advocacy project supporting survivors of trauma in fall 2014. This vision, with its evolving mission, became I THRIVE & the Kintsukuroi Project.

Kris King:

Kris is a Eugene, OR based life coach and former President and Owner of Wings Seminars (now La Clinica 501c3, The Learning Well wellness series). She served as I THRIVE creator's life coach for completion of the 4 day Personal Effectiveness Series course in spring 2015 followed by a 6 month Lifeworks Series completed in January 2016, the final training of Kris's long career. Wings Seminars is where I THRIVE further developed our service platform in preparation to launch our website and nonprofit as originally launched in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Omar Reda MD:

Omar is a Libyan-born, refugee psychiatrist, respected author, Muslim mental health expert, and United Nations speaker who has served as mentor and guide for I THRIVE's creator since they met in spring of 2015. Omar's work in the humanitarian and nonprofit circuit has served as an inspiration and model for I THRIVE's efforts to serve traumatized populations over the years. I THRIVE's creator is proud to call herself an alum of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma & Recovery online certificate training where she pursued additional trainings in the service of traumatized populations at the recommendation of her mentor Omar Reda, MD as taught by his mentor, and founder of the program, Richard F. Mollica, MD.

Steven Hayes PhD:

Steven  Hayes is the creator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I THRIVE's creator, Heather Curtis MD, was honored to sit down for a private lunch with Steven during the Marin County ACT Bootcamp Training she attended in spring of 2016 to discuss this project and website with him. Meeting Dr. Hayes was an inspirational experience that solidified Heather's commitment to pursue ACT as the underlying theoretical structure of her practice as a mental health provider and this project.

Samma Karuna International School of Awakening and Healing:

Samma Karuna's various instructors and staff have served as guides, teachers and healers to I THRIVE's creator Heather Curtis MD since she became a member of their community in September 2015.

Sherrie Vav Roski Frank:

Sherrie is the Lead Facilitator of The Learning Well, personal development series housed within La Clinica 501c3 nonprofit medical center in Medford, OR. Sherrie has served as an inspiration, guide, and mentor for I THRIVE's creator in this important work since 2016. 


Gayathri Ramprasad MBA, CPS:

Gayathri is the creator of ASHA International, an international mental health organization. I THRIVE's creator met Gayathri while completing an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy rotation under care of her mentor Dr. Vijay Shankar in spring 2017. During this rotation, Heather attended a function hosted by Gayathri, who later donated use of her Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from her nonprofit website to be utilized as models for the drafting of I THRIVE's policies. Gayathri remains an inspiration to I THRIVE for the advocacy and service that she provides to those that she and her organization serve as well as for her gifts and influence on our project and organization.


The Salt Lake City Rape Recovery Center:

I THRIVE's creator spent two years attending art therapy, DBT, and processing groups with survivors of sexual violence and trauma at the Salt Lake City Rape Recovery Center from 2016-2018. The experience she gained while attending cares at the RRC and interacting with survivors in SLC served as inspiration for the creation of I THRIVE's ongoing advocacy efforts for survivors of trauma locally and abroad.

Ashley Greenwell PhD:

Ashley was I THRIVE creator's provider for supervisory therapy (therapy for training purposes) and continued cares throughout several years of her residency training in psychiatry. The supervision and trauma therapy that Ashley provided was important in I THRIVE creator's development and recovery journey. Her counsel and expertise in moral injury and institutional betrayal & trauma provided a construct for our advocacy for survivors of trauma within organizations and institutions. We extend our care and gratitude for the healing and guidance received in her office and thank her for her role in our education and healing.

Annika Smith LCSW:
Annika is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Social Work instructor who trained I THRIVE's creator in the art of trauma therapy at the Salt Lake City Veteran Affairs Medical Center during her residency in psychiatry with the University of Utah. Annika is one of I THRIVE's greatest mentors, advocates, confidants, and supports.

Dalin Bernard & Christian Parrett of My Social Hustle:
Dalin is the founder and Christian the lead designer of My Social Hustle, social media marketing and advertising firm. Dalin and Christian have served as invaluable consultants while I THRIVE has worked to navigate expansion, projection, and the varied course of service that we have pursued to support survivors of trauma throughout the years. 

Lynn Morgan & Matt Morgan of Building Hope Today 501c3:

Lynn Morgan and Matt Morgan are the founders of the Idaho based 501c3 nonprofit Building Hope Today which serves child survivors of sexual abuse. They have provided integral counsel, guidance, and encouragement over the years while I THRIVE pursued its service, advocacy, and nonprofit efforts. 


...Special Thanks...


- To our Supports Past and Present -

Jeffery Lynn and Michelle Marie Curtis

Diki Kummer, Kim Olaveson, and Michelin Davies

Christine, Shannon, and Jennifer Jackson

Tori Tueller and Mitzie Maughn

Stephanie, Reid, and Rachel Prows

Dakri Bernard Gilstrap and the Bernard Family

Lucy, Alex, and Melissa Martinez

Sabrina Kendakur MS

Samma Karuna International School of Awakening and Healing

The SLC Rape Recovery Center

Rolanda Davis FNP/AGNP

Amy Sorenson

Lucia Andrade Sten

- To Our Consultants -

Vijay Shankar PsyD & Anne Shankar MSW

Noel Gardner MD, Jungian Forensic Psychiatrist and Mentor

David Ranks PhD, in grateful memory

Tricia Kritzberg Nonprofit CPA

Kenzi Rose Life Coach & Business Consulting

- To Our Board -

Executive Director

Heather Curtis MD

Board of Directors

Brandi Blair RN

Natalie Brown

Molly Groth M.A.

And finally, to all the friends and family who have made this work possible...

Thank you for supporting and carrying me through the hard times and for reminding me that the light inside of each of us will serve to reveal our paths even through the darkest of times if we are only willing to seek it.
I love you. Thank you for being my dearest treasures in this life.

In Kindness,



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