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Medicine Assisted Therapy
Info and Updates

Exploring Healing with Renewed Research

The mental health field is in the midst of a psychedelic science renaissance.

Psychedelic medicines are presently being studied around the world for potential medical benefits.

As the field of psychedelic psychiatry emerges, increasing concerns regarding the safety of these compounds, the basis of the science, and the ethics of its professors continue to mount.

While there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that these medicines, when combined with therapy and appropriate supervision, may be helpful for the treatment of various mental and physical health conditions, there is also mounting cause for concern and pause while we  consider this next juncture in human history and development.

I THRIVE founder Heather Curtis MD advocates for strenuous evaluation of all emerging novel therapies and compounds in light of rising dilemmas in the evolving psychedelic sciences and the geopolitical climate. This should be the practice for any medicine to be considered for approval by the FDA or other other international regulatory body. 

Because of various conflicts, concerns, and our own inexperience, I THRIVE's creator and our organization does not feel equipped to make any formal statements regarding the efficacy of these medicines for use in health care or other healing pursuits.

I THRIVE encourages caution and appropriate referrals to experienced, licensed, and trained medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychedelic medicine clinicians prior to consideration of any psychedelic medicine healing or assisted treatment pursuits.

We defer all questions related to the efficacy of these medicines and their utility for the treatment of trauma or other conditions to licensed, trained, and experienced psychedelic medicine providers and clinicians. 

Check back later to learn more about I THRIVE and our evolving study of Integrative Medicine and associated therapies.

In the meantime, practice appropriate caution in all healing and therapeutic pursuits and defer to the professionals when considering any new treatments or healing endeavors. 

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MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD

MDMA will be considered as a potential medicine to be utilized in medicine assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD post additional research and evaluation by the FDA in 2024. Given the risk of misuse of MDMA in psychological grooming and for drug facilitated assault, I THRIVE disproves of MDMA's declassification as a controlled substance and recommends caution when considering this as a prospective treatment.

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine is currently widely used in the evidence based treatment of treatment resistant depression. It is also being used off-label for various psychiatric conditions including anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma either as stand alone treatment or as a medicine assisted therapy (recommended). Ketamine is a schedule I substance and should not be used outside of strict medicinal monitoring and treatment.


Psilocybin for Depression

Psilocybin is presently being studied as a potential treatment for depression. Psilocybin is the active compound in magic mushrooms that grants them their hallucinogenic effects. Psilocybin assisted therapies are projected to be considered as an approved medicine for depression by the FDA by  by as early as 2025. Caution is to be given when considering any novel treatment.

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Lysergic Acid Research Returns

Lysergic acid dietyhlamide (LSD) is presently being studied at various sites for evaluation of the efficacy of treatment for disorders of attention, anxiety, mood, and substance abuse. The longer half life of this medicine gives a wide window for assisted therapy to be provided during a medicine assisted therapy experience. The increased volatility of this substance at high doses and its recent and historical safety concerns limit LSD's utility for therapeutic and medicinal benefit.

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Plant Medicine Science & Ceremony

Plant medicines from around the world including ayahuasca (DMT), iboga, cacao, psilocybin, peyote, and mescaline have been utilized in indigent healing ceremonies around the world for millennia. Many of these medicines are now being studied for their various medicinal benefits and efficacy in the treatment of medical, physical, and mental illnesses and for their utility in the treatment of substance use disorders and in palliative care. 

Homeopathic Medicine

Novel Psychedelic Compounds

Pharmaceutical companies are looking to advance the psychedelic sciences through the invention of novel psychedelic compounds. Pharmaceutical companies are exploring the possibility of developing new psychedelic medicines and compounds that promote neuroplasticity while sparing the hallucinogenic and disorienting effects inherent to classical psychedelic medicine experiences. Further research is necessary to determine the utility of these compounds for medicinal benefit.


This website makes no effort to support or advocate for any specific dogma, spiritual path, orientation, political or social agenda. We are not a source for legal advice.

The information shared on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals and physicians. If users have any personal questions regarding health, psychiatric, or psychological concerns, they are encouraged to contact a qualified health care provider for advice. All personal questions of the aforementioned nature posed to I THRIVE will be deferred.

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